Ask the Light images from barton Springs in Austin Texas. For Meditation, Miracles and Sharing Kindness!


Brian Leonard Underwater Photographer. Barton Springs Austin Texas.
Brian Leonard underwater photographer in Barton Springs, Austin Texas
World of light! Earth Underwater Love. Ask the Light Miracle Cards from barton Springs in Austin Texas


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Brian Leonard is an Underwater Photographer and Graphic Designer with over twenty years experience in Visual Arts production. Receiving a Bachelors of Science Degree in Radio-Television-Film from University of Texas at Austin in 1983, Brian has worked as a key cameraman / editor for documentaries shot in Russia, Yugoslavia, and India. Brian’s life transformed however, when he merged his love of the camera with his love of water! A merman by nature, his most exciting body of work was born in 2006 when an experiment with underwater photography capturing the dance of light beams, at the sacred waters of Barton Springs Austin Texas, emerged as a unique Art form expressing the healing energy inherent in natural beauty. That started an amazing 7-year journey of creative listening. The Underwater-Light Art continues to take on a life of its own!

Inspired by the beauty and power of these Underwater-Light images, and heeding their call “to be seen”, Brian created with a mission to Spread the Light by creating fine quality inspirational art products for a global community. Taking the form of a deck of "Ask the Light Miracle Cards", these Underwater-Light images have been handed out individually as gifts to nearly 2,000 people in 5 countries, spanning 4 Continents, very often generating amazing, beautiful and healing responses!

As a student of the Healing Arts for many years; receiving 15 in-depth certifications in  Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hawaiian Shamanism (Huna); Brian has a unique and comprehensive understanding of the healing process, and a passion to assist the awakening of humanity. With an intensifying dedication to share the beauty and healing power of this emerging Art form, Brian and his wife Brenda created Waterlight Healing. This is a project of service and community outreach, with a mission to enhance well-being and promote accelerated healing in care and healthcare environments through the power of Underwater-Light Art. In 2014, WaterLight Healing, through crowd sourcing, funded the transformation of Austin’s largest Women’s Shelter; permanently installing twenty large Underwater-Light canvas prints. Visit

Brian’s work was exhibited as part of the “Bridge to the Soul: The Art of Healing”, in The University of Southern California Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery. His work has also been exhibited locally in Austin Texas since 2012: as a featured Artist at “Submerged” Exhibit, Barton Springs; part of Austin Visual Arts Association Members shows; and solo displays in various spaces in downtown Austin. He recently presented at The Global Alliance for Arts and Health’s 25th Anniversary Conference in Houston Texas: “Journey of Discovery: An Experiment in Underwater-Light Photography Evolves into a Visual Art for Healing!”