• Offers you a Message of the Moment
  • Sheds Light on your Inner Knowing
  • Expands your Intuition
  • Provides Insight and Inspiration
  • Guides your Daily Meditation
  • Invites Connections with Others
  • Awakens your Creative Imagination

They can be a great game for kids too! You can buy two decks and use them as a memory matching game.  The cards  open up conversations about Love, Forgiveness, Courage, Respect or any of the other 51 words found in the deck.

Ask The Light Miracle Cards

"You can use for inspiration or a message of the day, they really come alive when you give them away!"



Miracles Are Real!

This unique deck of cards was born in the aftermath of a True Miracle! Underwater Light photographs capturing the beautiful dance of light in sacred water are combined with inspirational words to create a 53-card deck of Miracle Light Cards in a custom, easy carry box. These cards speak directly to the Heart and open you to everyday Miracles!  

Discover the Light that You Are! 

Ask The Light Miracle Cards
Sharing kindness is a Miracle the world needs more of.  Enjoy the feeling of your free heart give the cards away!  Love and Light Peace and Truth. Soul language is real.  Healing arts use these cards with patients.

"Experience the Miracle of Kindness by giving a card away."